Natural Healing Arts Centre


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key), is a Japanese work which means Universal Life force Energy. This holistic technique is a gentle hands on healing art. It moves natural energy through the body to replace energy that has become blocked or stagnant. Reiki helps to relieve tension and balance the entire mind, body and spirit system. It also restores energy and aids the body in its ability to heal itself. Reiki is a safe and loving energy.

The Course: Please call or use the Contact Us form to request details of the course that you wish to take.

2015/16 Dates Fall 2015 Winter 2016 Spring 2016 Cost
Level 1 Dec 5 Jan 9 Jun 4 $200
Level 2 Dec 6 Jan 20 Jun 5 $225
Masters Dec 18&19 Mar 4&5 Aug 5&6 $300

All prices are Canadian Dollars