Natural Healing Arts Centre

Touch For Health

Touch for Health (TFH) uses principles from Chinese medicine, acupressure and massage to bring the body into Balance and release physical and mental pain. Touch for Health enables you to do muscle testing and muscle balancing as well as allergy and food sensitivity testing.

A certificate is obtained with each level.

Duration For Each Level: 16 hours on Saturdays

Note:  Evening courses are available. Please call for details.

Cost: $250.00 per level

2015/16 Fall 2015 Winter 2016 Spring 2016
Level 1 Oct 31 & Nov1 Jan 17&24 May 1&22
Level 2 Nov 14&15 Feb 14&21 Jun 19&26
Level 3 Nov 28&29 Mar 19&20 July 16&17
Level 4 Dec 12&13 Apr 16&17 Aug 20&21

Please Contact Us to inquire about attending this course.

All prices are Canadian Dollars